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(9am - 4pm)

You can throw more lead downrange here than anywhere else.

Start with all 8 of the SCSA Speed Steel Championship pistol courses. We shoot centerfire pistols, rimfire pistols, pistol caliber carbines and rimfire rifles at Steel challenge. Finish off the day with an Phoenix Handgunner style Shoot-Off and you have one of our matches. (195 rounds min for stages alone)

We offer a full day of shooting in a competitive, yet friendly environment full of comradery. It all starts with Sign-up at 8:30-9:00, our Shooters Meeting at 9:00 and then the shooting begins. It all ends with a head's-up man-to-man Phoenix Handgunner style Shootoff, which usually finishes between 3pm & 4pm.

Match Fee:  
Range Set-up Fee
2nd Gun

(No extra charge for competing in the Shoot-Offs)

We take pride in encouraging gun owners to come and shoot the different guns they own. You never want to be forced to use them, but if you are, don't you want to be capable with what you own.

We start the day off with all 8 Steel Challenge pistol stages.

Check out the SCSA Speed Steel Courses


We divide our competitors into standard divisions (GM, M, A, B, C, D, Unclassified/Novice). Those within each division compete against eachother in the Stages & Shoot-Off for the title of 'Top Gun' of that division. Award plates are given for 'Top Gun', 2nd, 3rd & 4th places. As competitors improve, they are 'moved up' to keep each division competitive. See the SCSA Classification Comparison Chart

We continue the day with a man-to-man Phoenix Handgunner National Shoot-Off (centerfire pistol only) style match, where all the competitors within a division square off against each other to find out who is the 'Top Gun'. Our racks include: Pesky Poppers, Killer B's, Mixed Bag, Descending Tombstones, 6" Triangles & 6" Circles. Each rack is rotated each month.

All of our Matches are run with a Cold Range, which means that each shooter must "unload & show clear" upon completion of each stage and they can only "load & make ready" when instructed by a Range Office, just prior to beginning to shoot the stage.