Thunder Strikes is a Twisted Hairs Elder and Naqual leader within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. As a teacher, shamanic counselor, and healer, he inspires and enriches the lives of many apprentices and students worldwide.
     As a descendant of Cherokee and Irish parents, Thunder Strikes was guided from a very young age by his grandmother, Spotted Fawn, a Cherokee medicine woman. His early training motivated him to seek excellence in many arenas. Accomplished in the martial arts, he was inducted into the Martial Arts World Hall of Fame in 1994, later he was given the Golden Recipiant Award and then inducted into The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Sokeship, Head families, Head founders, Grandmasters Council. He has pursued extensive studies in psychology, philosophy, religion, and ancient mystery school traditions. He served in Vietnam in the First Marine Division, First Force Reconnaissance Battalion.